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Biodigesters were made to solve the problems of the septic tank (manhole) systems. It is easy to construct, affordable and easy to maintain as compared to the septic system.

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Biodigesters Constructed

Biodigester constructed for a hospital to solve the pressure of frequent dislodging and save the client from spending 500 dollars every year.Learn More »

Biogas Construction

Fixed dome biogas constructed to receive human waste and generate biogas. The gas generated can be channeled for cooking, heating and power generators for electricity.Learn More »

Sample Biodigesters Constructed

Systems either can be outside or embedded in the ground based on site specification of gradient and water table.Learn More »


Our Works.

Aerobic Biodigester technology has been limited in the past by the type of aeration used. New developments in bubble size have expanded the use of biodigesters for high strength waste.


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