Biodigesters and Biogas

Biodigesters were made to solve the problems of the septic tank (manhole) systems. It is easy to construct, affordable and easy to maintain as compared to the septic system. Biodigesters are built with the geological structures in mind based on area specification, hence it takes care of the water infiltration issues in area where the water table is high.

The systems can be constructed for individual homes, institutions and commercial buildings, and does not require frequent dislodging as compared to the septic tank systems. Biodigesters can be used between 15 to 25 years before maintenance are done and it is very affordable even during the maintenance. One of the benefits of having biodigester/biogas is the generation of gas for cooking, heating and subsequently using the gas to generate electricity.

Sewage Treatment

Biodigester sewage treatment is a technology that converts human waste (fecal matter) to liquid fertilizer and biogas. This process is possible because of natural organisms in the fecal matter and the conditions in the biodigester plant. The construction involves assembling of re-enforced concrete slabs, designed to separate the water used to flush the toilet (WC) from the fecal sludge. This digester is designed to convert fecal sludge into methane gas and liquid fertilizer. The water, on the other hand, is pre-treated with activated charcoal to remove the order. This water could be used for gardening. This technology eliminates the frequent dislodging of toilet associated with the old septic tanks. It also use smaller land space to construct, about 3ft by 6ft and 3ft deep. This allows for easy maintenance and above all, it is cost effective. Our mission is to provide a robust bio digester system to curb many environmental and climate change related problems.